Policy Portal Template

Policy Portal Template

The following material is a blueprint on how to begin to develop a Policy Portal. When you are in charge with developing policies and procedures, it can come across you as a overwhelming task. So take the template and examine the examples and modify them to meet the needs and culture of your organization.

Austin Songer / Policy Portal Template · GitLab
Policy Portal Template
I've building this portal of policies and procedure over the past 4 years, and I will be slowly adding additional content and completing this gitlab repo over the next 4 weeks.

During the process of developing a policy portal, you will learn more about your organization than just about anyone. So once you have completed a policy or two, you will have the confidence to take on even more tasks. The skills needed to write policies and procedures will assist you in all other areas of your professional.

A information security program is a part of the organization's overall asset protection program. Management is charged with a trust to ensure that adequate controls are in place to protect the assets of the enterprise. An information security program that includes policies, standards, and procedures will allow management to demonstrate a standard of care.

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