Linux Security: Run an OpenSCAP Compliance Scan on a Host

Linux Security: Run an OpenSCAP Compliance Scan on a Host

You will learn how to install OpenSCAP and how to scan a host for compliance. OpenSCAP is a powerful tool used to scan hosts to validate compliance with predetermined rule sets. This allows us to identify where we fall out of compliance and remediate the identified issues.

Install SCAP Workbench

yum install -y scap-workbench

Scan the Localhost for C2S Compliance and Create a Report

Open SCAP-WorkbenchApplications Menu -> System Tools -> SCAP Workbench
Choose RHEL7 when prompted to Select content to load:, then click the Load Content button
From the Profile drop down, select C2S for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Click the radial button next to Local Machine for the Target
Click the Scan button at the bottom to start the scan
Once the scan is complete click Close in the Diagnostics window
Click the Save Results drop down button and select HTML Report
Type “scan_results.html” in the name and click Save

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