Install and Configure Wazuh Agent: Windows

Install and Configure Wazuh Agent: Windows

Step 1 - Deploy a Windows Wazuh Agent

Copy and Paste the Enrollment Command

Step 2 - Open Windows Terminal

Open a Powershell Tab

Step 3 - Paste on PowerShell

Step 4 - Generate Authorization Key for Agent

Agent Authorization Command

$'C:\Program Files (x86)\ossec-agent\agent-auth.exe' -m <IP Address>


Step 5 -  Open Wazuh GUI from "Program Files (x86)"

Wazuh Agent Path

C:\Program Files (x86)\ossec-agent\
Double Click on "win32ui"

"Yes" on User Account Control for Wazuh

Step 6 - Check Wazuh Agent Manager Fields

Step 7  - Start Wazuh Agent Manager


Step 8 - Go to Wazuh Portal to Check Agents

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